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Slide OUR SERVICES removeManagement removeProduction removePromotion removeBookings removeIdentity ABOUT US “Music gives soul to our hearts and wings to our thoughts” Plato

Music is all about emotions and expressing our dreams. Its is also a unifying force of energy and a very powerful way to communicate.

At New Gold Dream Records, our mission is to identify musical talent and to provide strategic professional help and advice, in a personal and focused manner. We aim to give our Artists the best opportunity to further and realise their musical aspirations whether on a national or international level. We endeavour to offer you a customised service tailored to your very specific needs.

Slide ADRESSE 70 allée des amis du bourg
74290 ALEX
PHONE US +33 6 32 26 25 44
CONTACT click here Social In Ig Fb Yt While we have a particular likeness for the Pop-Rock and Electro genres, we are also very open to discovering talent that show authenticity and originality in the many other styles of music.

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