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Intertwining a blend of Indie Rock, Pop Rock and Psychedelic Rock, the group White Blank have made their niche. Composed of Pierre Blanc on electric guitar and lead vocals, Adrien Blanc on Bass, Alexandre Blanc on piano and guitar, and finally Baptiste Girardot on Drums, the group have found their musical inspiration from such greats including, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Archive, The Velvet Underground, Tame Impala and Oueen of the Stone. 

After two years of meticulous work, White Blank released their debut EP at the beginning of 2020. The album tempts us to reflect inwardly on such philosophical questions about life, of what is time, death, our mental state of mind, what is reality…

The group are very excited to now take the next step, bringing their music from the studio recording domain into the realm of ‘live’ performances…

New Gold Dream Records are intrinsically involved in many of the aspects of developing this groups future, from their management to promotional, image development and reservation needs.

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