Eriops tie

Eriops Tie is quite an atypical composer/musician who creates wonderful organic electronic compositions, and whose musical journey began at a very young age while studying classical and baroque musical styles.

His first compositions in Electronic music date back to the 90’s, so his sounds have  had the time to mature, develop and evolve over the intervening years through his extensive knowledge and use of analogue and digital synthesisers together with the latest computer software.   

With his very unique style, he strives to share his contemporary humanitarian vision, that of “being able to embrace progress while still holding on to our simple and fundamental human values”.

His influences are several-fold, including such compositions from the very first albums of Jean-Michel Jarré, to soundtracks of many well-known sci-fi films, for example like that of Blade Runners, composed by Vangelis. Other great artists who have also figured in shaping his musical style include : Laurent Voulzy, Etienne Daho, Daft Punk, Goldfrapp, Dêpeche Mode and more recently Churches, all with one very important point in common between them …the extensive use of synthesisers in their creations.   

Having already release his album URBA, Eriops Tie brought us his single RAPA, and a 5 track EP entitled “Ancestry” is also due out in June 2021.

For his ‘Live’ appearances, Eriops Tie relies on a multitude of synths and electronic wizardry to create his music, which is cleverly intertwined with the use of visual screen images, portraying many different important topics such as the relationship between Man, Nature, and Our World….resulting in our immersion into a wonderful ‘sound and vision’ show. 

New World Dream Records play their part by providing Eriops Tie with their reservation, promotional and management skills.


Singles :

RAPA, Louxor


EP :

ANCESTRY released on June 18th 2021.

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