This debut album release by MD One is one full of heart-felt emotions. The lyrics resonate, the melodies soar, the chords are well arranged and woven into the fabric of wonderful heavy beats and rhythms, often venturing into the world of Electro, while eliciting emotions ranging from joy and happiness to sadness, love and melancholy…we are led on a path to experience a whole palette of emotions in all their various forms…from optimism to highly contrasting shades of light and dark, right to darker more sombre places that exist in us all at some point in time in our lives….tinged with suggestiveness, it is evocative and challenging, haunting and even sometimes hallucinatory in its nature.

MD ONE…much more than simply two letters and a number….

M : is for Marc, a gifted composer and musical creator, and the inspiration behind their sound, constantly searching to blend both simplicity and power to create memorable compositions through the use of very cleaver guitar and keyboard arrangements.

D : for David, who takes his inspiration for his lyrical writing and from the musical landscape of sounds created, together with real-life emotional experiences, his relationship with love, with life, a reflection of his personal values, and even an insight into his quest to find serenity and spiritualism. An avid performer, he loves the special contact that performing live creates between the artist and their audience.

ONE : the ‘One’ symbolises their unity, dedication and determination to achieve a common goal of delivering up to us, a memorable debut album called “Twelve Stars”… a constellation of 12 titles.

New Gold Dream Records are intimately involved throughout the whole process, encompassing taking care of all their management, musical and recording production, promotional and reservation activities. 


Singles :

Love Grows Everyday, Bombe A, I Need You Tonight, Esperance


Album :

Twelve Stars released on June 11th 2021.

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