Born in the 90s, nourished by MTV’s pop stars and to the omnipresence of super-glamorous female figures, Mey questions the role of appearance in women’s lives with her first EP titled: “With the lights off”.

On the edge between delicacy and aggressiveness, she feeds her pop of various influences: rock, folk and hip-hop are constantly rubbing shoulders, always with a rich and intense vocal performance.

Through the five tracks of the EP (co-produced by director Julien Portmann), Mey reveals to us the vulnerable “Get Out Of Yourself” (a progressive and ethereal ballad that is reminiscent of London Grammar) , to the violent “RESPECT” (a real war cry in which she sings “Cause I’m a woman and I stand up to you”). Always in contrasts, the aerial “Muse” takes us deep into the ego fantasies of the young woman, when “Spiky Love” explores dark impulses and self- destruction.

Behind her apparent sweetness, Mey shows her rage to be emancipated, considered and respected as a woman. “With the lights off”, her first EP between daydreaming and anger, embarks upon a journey of rich musical introspection.

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