In 2011, the founders of the concept started inviting musician friends to come « jam » with them on Toto’s music, giving it the name of Totojam.
Quickly, a core of faithful and motivated musicians was created : this is how the tribute was born.
Concerts followed, including the big Funkytown scene of the Geneva’s parties in 2012 and 2013. After a 2 years break (2015-2016), some members have changed but Totojam’s spirit stays the same. The band is actually working on expending the cope of its songs by searching in all of Toto’s albums.

Totojam is composed of 8 musiciens : two keyboards, a guitarist, a bassist, a drummer, a singer and two chorister.
The band surrounds itself with a team made of :
– Christian Alciato, their dedicated sound technician, which is the person to contact for every technical and contractual aspects.
– Corinne Marion-Gallois, their manager and founder of the label New Gold Dream Records, the person to contact to organise all of their concerts.

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