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Diligente is first and foremost the story of a group of friends brought together by their shared passion for music, and headed up by Luc their singer-songwriter, guitarist and lead vocalist.

Combining influences between Mademoiselle K, Noir Désir, Damien Saez and even the Artic Monkeys, the group ground themselves in the unmistakable realm of Rock. With deep bass lines and solid rock guitar riffs supported by poetic lyrics, the group have cleverly blended gentle and forceful rock soundscapes to create their unique sound.

Having already released their first two singles, ‘Réseau’ and ‘Ma Bulle’, they are showing great future potential … a quick look at the feedback from their growing fan base can quickly confirm this, not to mention the very positive critique and response from the musical press.

Already well established on the regional music circuit, they have appeared on numerous occasions at well-known venues such as the Brin de Zinc, and to larger outdoor events like the ‘Chaina’Zik’, ‘La Trille en Vrille’ and the Rock O’ Marais musical festivals.

Diligente rely on the various professional services provided by New Gold Dream Records, particularly when it come to their booking and reservation management needs.

Their first EP “Temps X” was released on June 4th 2021.

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